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Our Programs


At Teddy Kids, we are offering a developmentally appropriate curriculum to foster the overall growth of children with an integral approach. We ensure every child to grow intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally. Our programs have concrete, real-world, sensory experiences for kids to see, touch, hear, taste and smell. We focus on striking a great balance between playing and learning. We offer both Play Group and Kindergarten Programs.

Key Activities
  1. Story Time
  2. Sensory Time
  3. Sand Play
  4. Water Play
  5. Toy Library Time
  6. Creative Time
  7. Field Trips
  8. Celebrating Special Days and Festivals
Age Group – Above 1.8 Years

At Teddy Kids, kids start exploring the world with our specialized playgroup curriculum. In the first few years after they are born, we focus on providing early experiences that are important for acquiring skills because most of the brain development starts in initial stages.
This program also involves their parents to help foster the overall development of their child by practicing and learning with a scientific approach. This program is based on fostering aesthetic, social and motor skills. This program is designed to help toddlers and infants develop their Math skills and cognitive skills.

Key Areas of Focus
  1. Developing communication skills
  2. Teaching kids to explore and learn
  3. Promoting positive interaction
  4. Math readiness
  5. Theme-based concept
  6. Cognitive development
  7. Opportunities for gross and fine motor development
Age Group – Above 2 ½ years

In the early years of preschool, quality education sets a firm base on the overall growth of the child. Our nursery program covers the widest range of activities to level your kids up towards attaining their goals in early learning. In this program, kids are engaged in several learning activities like writing, reading, number recognition, counting, and problem-solving in a purposeful and fun-filled manner. We encourage kids to corroborate learning with mutual activities in areas of science, dramatics and arts.

Key Areas
  1. Expression through drama and art
  2. Communication skills
  3. Developing Language and Math skills
  4. Theme-based Concept Period
  5. Cognitive Development
  6. Gross and Fine Motor Skills Development
Teddy Junior – Above 3 ½ Years
Teddy Senior – Above 4 ½ Years

The shift from nursery to primary school is a very valuable period for both parents and children. The curriculum of Kindergarten at Teddy Kids ensures the smooth and stress-free shift to formal schooling by providing progressive and meaningful learning experiences.

Along with age-based activities that get your child ready for success in formal schooling in Kindergarten, we conduct several other activities in numbers, language, music, general knowledge, art, and other areas in a planned manner.

These activities help kids learn letter and alphabet sounds, simple math, and numbers and master writing skills. We measure the development of each child thoroughly in a year with proper assessment. We motivate every child in nurturing their talent.

Key Areas
  1. Cognitive development
  2. Emotional and Social Development
  3. Math Readiness
  4. Theme-based Concept Period
  5. Developing Life-Long Learning Skills
  6. Language & Phonics

In this program, we prepare kids to nurture their potential and learn and grow at their own natural pace. We motivate children to be aware of and explore the environment around. It instills confidence in them to verbalize their feelings, thoughts, and impressions of their world.


We pay attention to building their vocabulary by applying our unique concepts. Our innovative learning tools and methods help children to learn and grow. We teach complex subjects like Math by considering their unique abilities and using a child-friendly approach. We focus on preparing them for further studies.

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