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Our Facilities


Dramatic Play Area

In this area, children will develop social and language skills by cooperating and playing together and acting out with their unique imagination.

Science & Sensory Area

We provide hands-on exploration to the children where they can learn basic science concepts with simple experiments and materials.

Computer Corner

To provide interactive learning, we have educational software to strengthen math and reading skills so they can learn all the basics of computers.

Blocks Area

Your toddlers learn grouping, sorting and balancing blocks to develop coordination and fine motor skills. These activities will exercise their problem-solving activities and creativity. This activity will develop a robust conceptual foundation with hands-on learning.

Creative Arts

In this area, children will build self-esteem and skills with materials and tools in this discovery area and express themselves with imagination.


Clay Art & Moulding

Our firm belief is "Feel, Explore, Learn and Have Fun". We put learning into practice with this approach. Our children have clay to create whatever they want with their imagination. This way, children become more expressive and speak about their creations.


This area has been focused on bringing the creative potential of your child to life. Your child expresses his words through imagination on canvas or on paper with color pencils, sketch pens, and paint. They develop fine motor skills and sharp hands-eye coordination.

Computer Section

Modern tech-savvy world is truly dominated by gizmos and gadgets. Every child must be a self-learner today. Once he recognizes letters and write them on paper, he will be introduced to the interactive world of e-learning.

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